ICAS Why choose ICAS 7 Reasons to Choose IC

7Reason to Choose ICAS

  • Academic Excellence: The Islamic College takes pride in providing a unique environment which has successfully combined academic excellence with search for spiritual values common to humanity.
  • Nurturing Environment: Because of its limited number of intake each year, the students at the college feel that they are part of a family.
  • A Place to Be Challenged: Classes at the college are now well-known for challenging the established views and critically assessing the concepts and notions.
  • Classes Taught by Foremost Experts: Lecturers at the college are world class experts in their own field and their views are frequently sought by news media on events around the world.
  • Friendships That Lasts: Many of our alumni have joined hands in establishing companies, news organisations and charitable institutes.
  • Transformative Power: Our graduates have told us that attending the College was the best decision because it transformed their lives.
  • Validated Degree: Unlike other Muslim institutions of higher education, the degrees awarded by the College are accredited and can serve as your launch pad to a rewarding career or further academic studies at other institutions.