ICAS Distance Education Introduction
Welcome to Openstudy – The Islamic College
The Islamic College represents the fusion of the classical with the modern. It was founded in 1998 to promote a new approach to the study of Islam and Muslims by providing a unique “insider’s perspective” on Islam and fostering a non-sectarian outlook.
The College is fast becoming an important academic centre for Islamic Studies: It offers fully accredited degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and has to date published more than twenty major texts in the field of Islamic studies and now releases a quarterly academic journal. It is also a multi-faceted institution, offering certificate level courses in practical Islamic subjects, such as Qur’anic Arabic and Islamic Banking, not to mention having just launched a momentous new programme to train Muslim scholars for the West.
The Islamic College is one of the few Muslim institutions in the West today able to boast such an impressive contribution to the study and future of Islam. The Islamic College is a subsidiary of Irshad Trust, a UK registered charity (1056468).

Our Vision
As an institution dedicated to, and specializing in, a particular field, the Islamic College is more single-minded than a multi-faculty university. Our staff and students all share a passion for the study and teaching of Islam, which is why many of our new students find that joining the College is very much like joining a community. Because of this focus, all of our resources are dedicated to promoting Islamic Studies.