ICAS Foundation (Short) Cources

Foundation Courses

For students wanting to enrol on one of the above degree programmes but lacking a relevant qualification, or for those interested in enhancing their understanding of a particular area of Islam, we offer the following of non-degree “Foundation Courses.” Once passing the final exam successfully, students will receive a certificate from the Islamic College.

Islamic Sources and Law

This module provides students with no or little academic background on Islamic studies a basic knowledge of Islamic core sources, i.e. the Quran and Hadith. Students are also taught on the history and structure of Islamic law, Principles of Jurisprudence (uşūl al-fiqh) and some major issues in Islamic law.

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Islamic Belief & Thought

This module will introduce students to the history of Islamic theology, philosophy and mysticism as it developed and flourished in the midst of Islamic faith and culture. The module will also examine modern debates within the larger context of Islamic thought and try to follow some recent arguments on social and political issues.

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